No Mess Castor Oil Pack Kit 

So Easy... you can travel with them!

It's THAT Easy!

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Castor Oil Pack Directions

No Mess Castor Oil Packs are most easily applied while lying down.  Follow these EASY directions:

  1. Unfold Castor Oil Soaked Cloth, Heat Conducting Sheet and Plastic Sheet
  2. Cover the desired area with the Castor Oil Cloth.
  3. Place the Heat Conducting Sheet directly over the cloth.
  4. Cover these pieces with the Plastic Sheet and a towel or clothing.  (Optional) Place a wet or dry towel with a heat pack over the Plastic Sheet.
  5. Leave in place for at least 1 hour, or all day or night if desired.
  6. Remove the Plastic Sheet, the Heat Conducting Sheet and Castor Oil Soaked Cloth and dispose in regular trash.
  7. Open Castile Soap Towelette. Clean area with the Towelette.
  8. Dispose of the Towelette. That’s all!


  • This product is for Adult Use ONLY.
  • Do NOT place cloth or sheets over your head, face or mouth. This product is for topical use ONLY and NOT meant to be swallowed. This is not meant to medicate or replace medical attention. Consult your physician or health caregiver prior to use!
  • Castor Oil comes from the seed of the castor bean. If you have an allergy to Castile soap, castor oil, plastic or polyfoil, do NOT use this product.
  • As always, please consult a physician prior to using this or any alternative health method.




The old-fashioned way to make a Castor Oil Pack would be to take a large piece of unbleached wool flannel cloth, fold it six times, saturate it with super  thick castor oil, place it on the afflicted body area, cover with a rubber sheet, then cover that with a towel followed by a heating pad and heat on high for an hour.  The benefit was holistic relief but it was not very portable and VERY messy!  If you’re like most people you’re looking for something holistic, healthy and convenient.  No Mess Castor Oil Packs are convenient AND hygienic – old fashioned castor oil packs were reusable but the toxins removed could be reabsorbed by your body if you reused them.  Double yuck!  You never have to worry about recontamination or about cleaning a sticky, gooey mess again!  No Mess Castor Oil Packs offer benefits only!  Call 815-648-4544 today to order your No Mess Castor Oil Pack

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