No Mess Castor Oil Pack Kit 

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No Mess Castor Oil Packs

Hygienic – Single Use

Do you suffer from

Aches? Pains? Lumps? Bumps? Swelling? 

Your all natural solution could be as simple as a

No Mess Castor Oil Pack!
Most of the information about Castor Oil Packs includes stories of a wide variety of “healings”. The Castor Oil Pack has been used by alternative therapists for centuries to help their clients draw toxins that may have festered or grown internally into the castor oil cloth.  Other uses include placing a pack over the colon as a lubricant to help ease constipation.  Whatever the problem, the versatile No Mess Castor Oil Pack could be the answer you've been looking for.  STOP SUFFERING!  Try this affordable, do-it-yourself remedy* that is now available in convenient, portable, no-mess packs!  Call 815-648-4544 for more information!  Already know the benefits of No Mess Castor Oil Packs?  Click on the Pricing Tab for your GREAT web deal!


*As always, it is recommended that you consult your physician prior to the use of any alternative methods other than the drugs and /or surgery recommended by a licensed professional.

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